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I’m not sure what everyone who follows me’s relationship status is….but I really hope you all read the link below if you’re in a relationship or talking to a guy and feeling extremely frustrated. He might be, “Stonewalling” you and I hope you know that shit is evil, manipulative, and a form of ABUSE if intentional. Please read.


This form of abuse is most common in men…but anyone can do it. Basically it’s when one partner refuses to communicate with another partner. You know when you get pissed off because you’re trying to tell the guy your’e talking to that something he does upsets you and he responds by saying “ok” and then you say he’s not listening and he  says ” I said okay” and you’re frustrated and you get angry at his lack of communication and he lets you get angry because he knows you’ll feel guilty about it later even though HE’S THE ONE BEING ABUSIVE. Seriously if this in any way relates to your life please read and realize that in spite of what he may want you to think YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. He’s an ass who doesn’t deserve you. I had to share this because it saved me from a seriously horrible relationship.